Jasmine Meyers, Feel My Fear

Jasmine Meyers, Feel My Fear, 2014.

FeelMyFear-Jasmine Myers
Whether it is spiders, snakes, heights or God, everyone fears something, but what we fear is not always easy to discuss. Consisting of yarn, twigs and twine, the mixed media art work Feel My Fear by Jasmine Meyers addresses the artists’ personal fears of spiders and God and presents them to the audience through a multi-sensorial experience of vision and sound. In this installation, Meyers aims to make the audience aware of their fears by exposing her own as well as the different ritual practices she uses to cope with them. Because the realization and confrontation of what one fears is both uncomfortable and difficult, Meyers uses the soft and welcoming materials of woolen yarn to combat the hardness of fear.  In return, she literally and metaphorically makes the viewer more comfortable.