Amanda Oechsle, I’m Not Listening

Amanda Oechsle, I’m Not Listening, 2014. Paper, audio file, video clip.

I’m Not Listening combines the artist’s interests in art and science by combining the childlike idea of brightly-colored bows with a video of their repetitive, almost robotic, creation process mirroring the duality that the artist feels in her life. This duality is further explored with the sounds of a cell biology lecture.  Oechsle points to yet another duality through the use of the lecture. She says the lecture is an auditory example of doing something you dislike – a cell biology course – to get somewhere you love. Further, Oechsle is “not listening” to the lecture, but focusing instead on the creation of bows, something she enjoys, to help her endure an activity she dislikes. The physical pile of bows draws the connection between the material and digital; when a bow is finished in the video, it is pushed down into the physical pile of bows, creating the illusion that they emerge out of the screen.