Melody Tripp, Wyrm

Melody Tripp, Wyrm, 2013. Digital video and audio file.
Melody Tripp wyrm example image
Melody Tripp, a third-year sculpture student, presents Wyrm, a digital video art installation that explores what travels through the liminal spaces of computers. Combing her aesthetic interests in sleek graphic design and whimsical movie-sets, Tripp creates a curious organism that interrupts the space around it, slithering through seemingly random computers. Using paper cutouts fixed upon black fabric, Tripp filmed a white, fish-like organism swimming through the abyss, later adding photographic enhancements. The accompanying sounds of a profound cave-like echo and the movement of rippling liquid, guide the viewer to the creature’s next location. Wyrm presents a sculpture with a narrative that dissolves boundaries between individual computers and evoking free flowing movement.