Miracle Nassif, Glamour

Miracle Nassif, Glamour, 2013. 9’X3′. Barbed wire, wire, crystals, light and audio file.

Glamour 3
Miracle Nassif, an art student and jewelry designer, created Glamour, a sculpture that explores the interrelationship between beauty and danger. The over-sized sculpture is in the shape of necklace featuring a flower design accentuated by crystals and light. The reflection of the light on crystals is meant to draw the viewer in; however, as viewers come closer this glamourous image is disturbed when they realize the necklace is created from barbed wire and they begin hearing the sounds of a whip. Glamour illustrates the juxtaposition between the ugliness and dangerous conditions faced by those enslaved in the diamond mines in order for others to profit within the beauty industry. Through material and immaterial objects, Nassif illustrates how society frequently views the preciousness and beauty of objects over that of human life.