About (Im)material

One Night Only: April 9, 2014 from 4-7 pm at the Marriott Library


The Graduate Art History Visual Intersections: Art in the Digital Age class is proud to announce (Im)material), a one night exhibition formed in collaboration with the University of Utah Studio Art students and the Marriott Library.  The exhibition will feature sculptural works by: Nikki Pitt, Kyle Luntz, Amanda Oechsle, Anthony Segura, Jasmine Meyer,  Melody Tripp, Miracle Nassif and Marcela Torres.

(Im)material seeks to explore the intersections of the physical and the virtual through multi-media sculpture, sound, performance and light artworks. Through immersive viewing experiences, it prompts the questions: How is vision made visible? What does sound look like? How have notions of public/private changed in the digital age?  How is the body extended, erased or reconfigured by new technologies?  Can the immaterial become material?  What are the physical means necessary to achieve virtual spaces?

The coming of the digital age has opened up exciting new modes for interaction and knowledge sharing, but has also generated new social and theoretical problems.  Rather than proposing answers, (Im)material offers a variety of ways to understand our new relationships to technology  in order to encourage more critical engagement with media.

Works in the exhibition  will be displayed throughout the first and second floors of  Marriott Library.