The Call

We invite you to submit entries to the collaborative Visual Intersections (working title) exhibition, which will take place at the Marriott Library in April.

This student exhibition will feature sculptural works that employ elements of light, sound or performance. Successful works will engage in a dialogue between the material and immaterial qualities of digital media. Artworks should also relay the idea of process with regard to the mode of production. In addition, works should reflect on the site of exhibition. Artists are encouraged to include elements that promote audience interaction, participation and/or generate phenomenological experiences.  Phenomenology can be understood as the conscious study of the variety of sensory perspectives. Questions to consider include, but are not limited to:

▪   How can vision be made visible?

▪   What are the material properties of sound?

▪   How do we physically interact/interface with immaterial media?

▪   How do changing technologies alter our perceptions of light and sound?

▪   How is the body extended and/or reconfigured by new technologies?

▪   How do we negotiate changing notions of the dichotomy between public and private?

Artists should be aware that works will be displayed in public locations both inside and outside the Marriott Library for a one-day exhibition.  While minimal security will be provided, the protection of valuable materials is ultimately the responsibility of the artist.  Artists will be expected to attend the one-night exhibition, which will take place on April 9?

This exhibition will be organized in conjunction with the Visual Intersections Graduate Seminar on Digital Art.  Artists should be prepared to engage in conversation about their work in a collaborative curatorial process with other students.

Proposals for works–which should include both visual images/scripts and a 200-300 word descriptive text–should be submitted via dropbox by March 17.

We look forward to your ideas.


The Grad Students of ARTH 6810